Sneak Preview for October

Since we’ve been having so much fun with our special projects, we’re going to do another just for the month of October. In conjunction with National Breast Cancer Awareness month we’re going to make blocks for quilts that will be assembled and donated to Breast Cancer patients.

There are two options for blocks that will be sent in for group quilts. First option is all Pink and White strings without a designated center string. Second option is a Pink center string with all other colors filling out the remainder of the block.

Guidelines with examples of the above options can be found (and printed) on the website.

Come join us for October’s Project Pink.

We continue to work on assembling quilts from our Chinese Coins and Purple Projects. As always, we accept blocks made according to our standard guidelines at all times. Please email us for the address to send these blocks as it may be different than those sent in for our special projects.

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