Peace by Piece Quilters

Nancy from Peace by Piece Quilters at St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Manchester, CT sent this completed top for our recent Purple Project. She reports that group members are finishing up a Red HeartStrings top and have plans to work on blocks for October’s Project Pink too.

She reports “there is such a ‘buzz’ at church about the Heartstring quilts! I even have a bulletin board set up for our projects and will be posting your website for people to refer to.”

2 thoughts on “Peace by Piece Quilters”

  1. I’ve been by here several times in the past month and each time I notice that there are no comments on this quilt by Nancy in CT.I absolutely love these boarder fabrics they make the quilt sing!!! BEAUTIFUL, I tell you just bugh-TEEE-full! :)Nancy, you and your church friends are so lucky to have each other to sew with! Oh what I wouldn’t give to have a group of friends to sew with!!! Keep up the great work!Love from Texas ~Bonnie


  2. Hi Bonnie, I’ve been ‘sew’ busy (pardon the pun) at my job, that I have been lucky we’ve been able to check my emails.Thanks for the compliments on the quilt. I just sent Mary 7 more tops. Should keep her busy and out of trouble, lol.The only reason I’m lucky enough to have a group at church is because I started it so I could use up my stash!!!(And one is my mother who is almost 80!)If you ever move to CT, come join us. Love to have you!-Nancy in CT


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