The King’s Daughters and Sons Home.

Jane, a HeartStrings quilter involved her guild in making HeartStrings blocks and quilts earlier this year. She recently wrote me the following update:

I’ve personally made 3 heartstrings tops, my guild and I have made many more through our block of the month activities. One month we made blue centers, another, we made red centers… some of the blocks were sent to me to combine, other guild members and completed tops of their own. One mother-sister-daughter team made 4 lap sized heartstrings quilts.

In total, we gave 112 quilts to a nursing home in November. Some were scrap quilts from Bonnie’s site, some were Chinese coins, many were Heartstrings quilts.

20 of the quilts donated by Jane’s guild were HeartStrings quilts. Below, you can read a letter of thanks.

The King’s Daughters & Sons Home
Bartlett, TN

Dear Members of the Uncommon Threads Quilt Guild,
How can we ever thank you enough for the wonderful quilts. Each one was as unique as each of our Residents. Staff and Residents alike are proclaiming the quilt party as the best of all year. Visitors frequently comment on the quilts that we have displayed and volunteers go room to room visiting with Residents
and looking at their quilts. Which of course, the Residents are more than happy to show off.

We are all, (staff, residents, family members, volunteers) extremely appreciative of your hard work and generosity.

Thank you once again.
Dana Lewis
Activity Director

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