Happy Anniversary

A year ago, a group of quilters banded together to form the HeartStrings Quilt Project in order to make and donate quilts. Initially, we thought it would be a short term project but the interest was strong and we decided to expand it though the year. Now it’s 2008 and the interest and enthusiasm for making quilts for those in need remains steadfast.

As a group, we made and donated 281 quilts and have many more in progress. We worked on these quilts as individuals, as groups, and spread the word through our guilds and the other quilting groups in our lives.

Please take a few minutes and look through the photo albums of quilts made and donated this year by HeartStrings quilters.

HeartStrings Quilt Project Photo Albums.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of those involved in the project. I look forward to seeing the quilts we’ll make and donate in 2008.

Mary Johnson

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