Let’s make some quilts for kids!

I mentioned last month that with Project Linus’ Make a Blanket Day coming up in February, we want to encourage people to make a quilt in January to donate to their local Project Linus chapter. Of course, if you have a local children’s charity you support, feel free to join in and donate the quilt where ever you choose.

These quilts can be string quilts or you may use any pattern you choose. Barb, one of our members and a coordinator here in the Minneapolis area for Project Linus has said that she’ll also accept completed tops. If you prefer to only make the top, you can check with the chapter in your area to see if they accept them, send them to Barb, or contact me and we’ll see if we can find a HeartStrings volunteer to quilt them.

I’ve got one quilted and ready for binding….my Lizard quilt and I’m going to cut out and piece another one using my Quick Strippie instructions. These are fun, fast, and cute!

Mary’s Quick Strippie

Another fun quilt can be found at Annie’s blog. I’ve been using kids prints for years making donation quilts and have lots of leftover bits and pieces, wouldn’t this quilt be great for using them?

Annie’s Happy Quilt

A string quilt like we made for our Purple Project last year would be great too….here’s an instruction sheet for one I made using just 24 string blocks.

Purple Project Quilt

Whatever pattern you decide to use, please join us in making a quilt for a child in January.


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