Cindy’s HeartString top

At our sew-in on Saturday, Cindy showed us her Musical HeartStrings quilt that she’s making as a fundraiser for the band at her son’s school. Isn’t it gorgeous? Click on the photo for a larger view of the top.


7 thoughts on “Cindy’s HeartString top”

  1. The quilt is beautiful with the frames and dark sashing. The school will not be able to print enough tickets to sell: they are going to make POTS of money for the band!


  2. Simply gorgeous!! Your gold and black with it is just stunning!! It defintely is a POT OF GOLD for the Band to have to raise money!!
    Congratulations on a Beautiful job!! You should be so proud!


  3. Cynthia, you are one talented woman! How long did that take to make? It’s just brilliant! And I bet you can still serve a very nice foot-long hotdog… (“Hold the relish.”)


  4. Hi
    is there any chance the lady who made this beautiful quilt could make contact with me. I love to make quilts for our Senior Citzens using scraps, this quilt REALLY appeals to me. I would love to know more about the construction of the blocks
    Dale Thornton
    New Zealand


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