Block Party!

We’re having a Thanksgiving Holiday Block Party but you can get an early start. We’re going to see how many blocks we can make and help plump up our block inventory.

Blocks sent in to Sue and Stephanie should be made according to the guidelines with a RED or BLUE center string and you can make 1 or 100 (or MORE!).

If you’d like to make an entire set you can use any color center string you’d like. A set consists of either

  • 24 blocks for a child’s quilt (make sure you use kid friendly colors)
  • 48 blocks for an adult quilt

Contact me for the mailing address or complete the quilt yourself but if you do, make sure you share a photo with us.

2 thoughts on “Block Party!”

  1. If I want to make and donate quilts like these, do you want me to send them to you and have you do it, or can I simply take a photo of them as I make them and then notify you that I have donated them to a certain person in crisis or group in the name of the Heartstrings Project? I already have some blocks that I am playing with and am finding it to be fun just creating different designs. Since I have lots of “orphan” strips I thought this would be a good way to do something wonderful with them.


  2. I would like to join in on the block party but I need some clarification. If we make red or blue centered strings can the rest be scrappy or are we to make them red, white, and blue for the Quilts of Valor?


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