National Volunteer Week – Part 1

As part of National Volunteer Week we asked HeartStrings volunteers to share how they contribute to HeartStrings and where they donate their quilts.

Mary in Ohio writes

I’ve sent in blocks several times but i mostly make quilts for my area now we have a shelter that is always in need of quilts. I’ve made 20 heartstrings quilts and taken them to the shelter they always enjoy the colors and the style of the pattern. I do sew for project linus in my area and a several small local shops that sell and give to the needy in the area.

Kathy hosts our sew-ins in WI and writes

I was feeling a calling to do charity quilting as Mollie first threw the idea out there to make HeartString blocks into quilts and to donate them locally, if possible, instead of paying postage costs to get them somewhere else. As we talked about at last Saturday’s WI/MN Sew-in, I’ve been hosting those events for 7 years now along with Rhonda’s assistance. Over the years the HS quilts have gone to silent auctions at church and the library, benefits for those with medical issues, local homes for the homeless/families in transition, local hospitals for new babies, hospice organizations for patients (with an emphasis on quilts for veterans), local version of Toys for Tots, QOV, Alicia, and more. Right now I have a quilt on the altar at my church. Our pastor challenged us to give something up for good this Lenten season. All I could think was giving up chocolate/sweets forever? No way! Well, he was thinking taking something you are willing to part with and making something good come from it. I gave him a HS quilt and showed him how we make these quilts.

How fun is it to teach kids to quilt? Chris writes

I joined Heartstrings shortly after the group began (I think). I have made several quilts and donated them locally to different organizations and people needing quilts. I am a 4-H leader and this year we will be doing a quilt camp. The youth will be using the Happy Blocks pattern and each will make a quilt for themselves as well as extra blocks to be made into a quilt that will be donated to the Festival of Trees for Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jackie in NJ also teaches others to make HeartStrings quilts and writes

Right now most of my donation quilts go to Quilts for Kids. I go to many of their workshops and have taught string quilting and QAYG to many of their volunteers. I also donate through my guild’s charity program. We give kids quilts to all the local hospitals and small quilts to the NICUs. We give bed quilts to nursing homes and the VA hospital. We also give individually to those suffering hardship or loss due to fire, health issues, etc. Lastly, I usually have some tops and finished quilts to give to the ladies at the Maine sew-in for their nursing home and veteran needs.

I love being involved with people who love to quilt for charity!

Alycia is a not only a HeartStrings member but coordinates donations for Quilts of Valor in her area. We help support her efforts by sending her HeartStrings quilts and blocks.

I have taught how to make string blocks to over 400 children, all the guilds I visit, and even some veterans! Most all my charity quilts go to Quilts of Valor, although a few went to the Fire victims here in CO two years ago. My dad was the fire chief, and some little kiddos were left homeless… so I made some string quilts with Buzz Lightyear flannel sheets as backings…

I even made a controlled string quilt and entered it in our local fair. Now that was fun – to hear all the comments. A few visitors said it reminded them of their grandmas quilts.

I do Machine quilting too. it’s fun to try different textures on these string quilts.

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