National Volunteer Week – Part 2

We’ve been sharing information about ourselves this week to celebrate National Volunteer Week. We appreciate all the contributions of our members whether they make blocks, make quilts from start to finish, or work on any of the steps in between!

Lori has the same reasons for joining many of us did and writes

I joined this group because it fit what I wanted to do. Donation quilts and dent my stash. At least ONE goal is working! I’ve been a member a long time. Project Linus, QOV, nursing homes. I’ve made string quilts, happy block quilts, whatever caught my eye. But when I donate a quilt I attach a Heartstrings label.

Stephanie is our coordinator in Australia and writes

I love this, and enjoy the challenge of creating warm hugs for those who need them, from the things other people decide they don’t need. Most of these I quilt on my plain Jane domestic machines.

Sometimes when I have spare money, I have a batch quilted by a long armer who gives me a nice discount for community quilts.

I am still a frenzied maker of blocks, and have completed the 365 challenge every year since Tresica first posted the photo of her 365 and inspired us with that challenge.

I have donated to many different places/causes over the years here, both local and overseas.

My current list includes Aussie Hero Quilts, a cancer hospice, a children’s shelter, and a women’s refuge.

Previously, Quilts for Africa, lots of QAYG blocks to Jan Mac for East Timor and local places, bushfire and flood relief quilt drives (different times/places – Australia is a land of extremes), Royal Flying Doctor Service, Ronald McDonald House, various shelters/hospitals and several seriously ill people that people have contacted me about.

This week I am working on a child’s shelter quilt and couple of small bereavement quilts for a local hospital for the sad times when a young child comes into the emergency room and loses their battle right there.

AnnG in MN writes

After making string quilts on my own, and taking a string quiting workshop, I was just searching the internet for more string quilt ideas – I was in love with them (and still am). Having found the HeartStrings web site, I was excited to start making blocks. I love uncontrolled scrappiness, and would much rather make blocks than assemble or quilt the tops, and since I give away almost everything I made, the charity focus is a good match. Over the years, I have continued to make mostly string blocks, but love Happy Blocks too. I’ve assembled a handful of quilts, and finished a couple, but usually I just send my blocks to Sue and my tops to Mollie, or take them with me to the WI/MN sew-ins. I’m happy to be able to contribute to so many causes supported by our members.

Mary in WA writes

I really enjoy all the photos and conversations sharing what we do. I retired in 2013 and am relatively new to quilting. My stash is limited but I’m working on it, lol. I’ve joined 2 local groups and have participated in the charity giving, one gives to the neo-natal and the kidney unit at our local
hospital. They are always looking for ‘boy’ quilts so I concentrate my
efforts on those. The other group gives to a safe house for abused and
battered women and their kids. They have fewer ‘restrictions’ on what
they will accept so most of my beginner projects go there.

I’m learning that I prefer scrappy quilts and HS blocks are so much
fun, I think this is my nitch.

Glad to be a part of this group and sorry to be too far away to
participate in the sew-ins.

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